Preschool | 3 to 4 years (potty-trained)

This class has a ratio of one adult to ten children. The day begins with “circle time” when children learn about days of the week and weather. Each child has a job to complete. Children also sing songs and read books which follow the monthly theme. Preschoolers do daily thematic art projects, they participate in center-play as well as free play. The classroom is set up with areas for dramatic play, block play, puzzles, drawing and writing, and science projects, among other activities. This arrangement helps children choose varied activities and move around the room during free play time. Independence and self-help skills are fostered. Students continue to hone social skills and learn to play and work well with peers. Our goal is for our preschoolers to have a FUN and positive experience! Large and small motor skills are fostered through small group centers and large group games and activities.

Pre-Kindergarten | 4 to 5 years

The pre-k day has a similar structure to the preschool class however skills that were introduced in the preschool class are developed further in the pre-k room. Letter recognition and letter sounds are introduced and developed. Children learn through hands-on discovery and the curriculum is modified to fit the needs and developmental level of each and every child in the class. We want all of the children in our center to feel safe, loved, and confident so that they feel free to have fun and try new things. Curriculum goals are met through lessons, projects and fun, engaging activities which are tied to our school-wide monthly themes. One of our big goals for the students is to prepare them for kindergarten. We help them to develop the cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and self-help skills needed to be successful in kindergarten, and beyond.


Infants | 6 weeks to 13 months

The infant room has a ratio of four children to one caregiver. The nurturing environment encourages babies to explore and learn about their world. Infants are not confined to playpens, walkers, or swings we do have these available. Infants are free to move about the room and are provided with developmentally appropriate toys and activities. Children are treated with love and respect at all times. Baby signs are used in the infant room so that babies can communicate with their hands before they are able to use words. The children in this classroom are on their own schedule as infants have individual needs. Our infant days are filled with songs, finger plays, hugs and snuggles, books, fun with friends, and free exploration of the environment.

Older Infants | 13 months (& walking) to 2 years

The 1 to 2 year old children spend their days in the older infant room. The ratio in this classroom is four children to one adult. There will be a maximum of eight children in the older infant room at any given time. Infants are encouraged to do things independently and be active participants in their daily care. Choices are given whenever possible. Language development is practiced continually as children are encouraged to use their newly acquired words. Teachers describe activities and items in the room throughout the day. During the day the children sing songs, play musical instruments, read books, create art, play outside, do finger plays, and learn to play with friends. Physical, cognitive, and emotional development are all nurtured and children are encouraged to be their own unique self and discover their world. We encourage the use of sign language to help children better communicate while they develop verbal skills.

Toddlers | 2 to 3 years

Toddlers continue to develop social skills and spend a great deal of time having group interaction. The ratio in the toddler classroom is five children to each adult. While much time is spent encouraging positive group interaction, the ratio of 5:1 allows for individual attention to be given to each and every child throughout the day. Toddlers have “circle time” each morning when they gather to sing songs and talk about the upcoming day. Daily art projects tie in with our monthly theme. Children are given time to have free play, as well as outside play time on our infant/toddler playground. Hugs and laughter are a regular part of our nurturing environment.


Infants & Toddlers